Sunday, December 5, 2010

Recent Picks -- new, old, sleepers, and not ...

This week we watched a favorite romantic comedy KISSING JESSICA STEIN because I recently saw IRA AND ABBY, a 2006 film sharing the same lead actress, Jennifer Westfeldt, who is wonderful in both.

Of the three recent Coco Channel movies, I've only seen two. Coco Before Chanel -- I loved this pic. As for Coco and Igor Stravinski's affair, well, I hated Coco in this film but couldn't stop watching.

A few books that may have flown under your radar -- Lauren Grodstein's Friend of the Family, a dark suburban psychological drama; Chantel Aceveda's beautiful and enchanting novel Love and Ghost Letters; and Pinkney Benedicts award-winning collection of weird and wonderful short stories, Miracle Boy; Susan Henderson's Up from the Blue -- it's not what you think. For a sweeping historical war-torn love story, check out Mark Mustian's The Gendarme. Nicole Cooley has a new collection of poems coming out, Milk Dress. And for those who love the very odd, just check out some Jeff Vandermeer -- any and all. Kid stuff? I mentioned Laurel Snyder before so will here again for middle grade and picture books. And in memoir, this book by Debra Monroe has gotten great buzz.

Did I hit most of the genres in this post? I'm hoping.