Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Sweet OCD Freaks.

Some of you might have read my piece on OCD in Real Simple a few years back -- a tribute to my mother and the craziness of her enduring love, her neuroses... If so, you'll know why I'm posting this piece by Gregory Sherl as well as this one, hilariously titled If This Gets Me Laid I'll be Really Surprised.

Sherl is a brilliant young poet, fiction writer, essayist. He's also editor of the online lit mag Vinyl. There second issue is up now -- including Bob Hicock and Molly Gaudry.

But for those who might carry around a tub of Purell, check out the essays above -- beautiful pieces on OCD and its daily impact.

(And, listen, they're having great success treating OCD with desensitization techniques -- sure, there are drugs too. But the desensitization refires the brain. You can literally see the difference in scans. )