Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Recipe -- Sweet Potato and Caesar Salad Quesadilla

Sweet Potato and Caesar Salad Quesadilla

Seriously, people. You're thinking -- no. It's convoluted. It's all wrong, but let me tell you the truth -- it's ALL right.

So, we bake the sweet potatoes, as one does, for a long time.

You get your quesadilla wrap, put it on low heat. You slice the sweet potatoes in quarter-inch slices and put 3-4 of them down. You grate sharp cheddar on top of that. Add a little sour cream and salsa. Once it's warm and the cheese is melted -- to your liking -- slide it onto a plate. This is when you add the Caesar salad -- as much or little as you want. We whip up our Caesar salads from the kit that comes in a bag of chopped lettuce so it already has the dressing and croutons. Nothing fancy.

Not for everyone, mind you, but one that I made up that's become a favorite.