Monday, November 22, 2010

National Baggott-Scott Family Feckin' Holiday.

Every so often, I announce -- in my capacity as mother -- that today is a holiday. I invent the holidays myself. This one has become a favorite (or should I say favourite).

"Cuss all you want to as long as you're using a British accent" Day!

There are rules. The cursing can't be mean. You can't actually call someone a fecking arsehole, for example, if they are, in fact, being a fecking arsehole. (That would make them sad.) But you can call, say, Glenn Beck a fecking arsehole. (And what ten-year-old going on eleven wouldn't want to do that?)

Of course, you get points off if you slip into an Irish or Scottish accent. (Those are other Baggott-Scott cursing holidays, my friends! Other days!)

If the three-year-old starts really picking up too much steam, we've got to back off. (Kate Nash is already responsible for teaching the kid the b-word. Nash!)

So, if this picks up nationwide, you heard it here first -- you bloody ijiot!