Monday, November 22, 2010

The Hubbub about Snyder's PENNY DREADFUL

This is a great blog post by children's book author Laurel Snyder -- a response to a blogger who was hatefully angry about the lesbian parents depicted in Snyder's new novel PENNY DREADFUL. The hubbub reveals a lot of things -- but mostly how wonderful Snyder is. Remember, she's no stranger to interfaith dialogue and is dedicated to that discussion so much so that she edited a wonderful anthology called HALF LIFE: Jew-ish Tales from Interfaith Homes. Basically, this kind of intolerant backlash couldn't have happened to a writer more suited to thinking deeply and speaking articulately on the subjects of faith and tolerance.

And if you have kids reading those middle-grade chapter books, look for PENNY DREADFUL.

(Oh, and her kosher picture book about Baxter -- a pig who wants to be kosher. It's all at