Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Things I Learned in Ireland

1. The color purple -- the dye itself -- was once extracted from a certain kind of snail and worth more than gold -- ounce for ounce -- at one point in time. (What's with my excessive use of the dash?) I have a lot of purple stuff, and now I think I'm a little richer than before.

2. Knowth and Newgrange are older sites than Stonehenge by around 500 years. And the tour guides at Newgrange are kind of crunchier, new-wave than at Knowth.

3. At Newgrange, the crunchy tour guide will turn out the lights and show you how the sun rises in winter solstice to light the entryway to the under-earth stone-roofed structure of ancient times. AND if you're lucky, when the lights go out and it gets all spiritually quiet, a five year old will jump up and down, and his light-up sneakers will light up and this will seem like the best thing in the world -- old meeting new.