Saturday, June 5, 2010

St. Elmo's Fire 20 Years Later -- 10 Thoughts

(and an apologia for not using consistent caps. seriously, it's okay ... just go with it.)

While watching St. Elmo's Fire -- 20-some years later -- 10 thoughts:

1. stalking and flirtation with date rape not as cute today.

2. the movie today would've ended when sheedy (now 48) realizes she loves mccarthy (48) -- not her decision to "be alone for a while". why did she dress as a doily-loving grandma?

3. andy mcdowell (now 52) taking off her coat in slow motion to reveal the black dress has nothing on her walking out of the cabin in the white wool sweater, jeans, and big boots. so many of my life decisions became clear watching that scene. when i didn't want to be lisa bonet (42), i wanted to be andy mcdowell.

4. rob lowe (now 46) - very pretty even when not faking the sax. too pretty? too pretty.

5. what these films -- judd nelson's character (now 50) plus alex p. keaton -- did for the Republican Party -- having raised up the same guys who didn't vote for Obama because they cling to the past and still wear pleat-front pants.

6. we've learned that total abandment of offspring is actually more confusing than being a weekend dad.

7. demi moore (now 48) and her husky voice -- was she a child chain smoker? to this day, i'll never forgive that husky voice, so husky it couldn't properly call "Luke! Luke!" so he could actually hear her in a General Hospital episode oh so long ago.

8. GH as slipping cultural reference point: I had a student by the last name of Devane who'd never HEARD of Anna Devane.

9. St. Elmo's Fire is a slipped cultural reference point... But the only scene I remembered vividly before watching the film again was the one where the blond woman (who wears bib-dresses and cardigans) and lowe are kissing and he discovers her girdle (translation: spanx)

10. but the theme song lives on ... easy listening...