Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Asher Fans Might Dig This News ...

If you're a Bridget Asher fan, you might be a Julianna Baggott fan. It's not an absolute. But, I'm just sayin', it's POSSIBLE.

If so, you might enjoy hearing the news ... OSCAR-WINNER KATE WINSLET and BRADLEY COOPER are set to star in Julianna's collaborative novel WHICH BRINGS ME TO YOU, co-written with Steve Almond, with Susanne Bier set to direct.

Monday, March 15, 2010

We're Adopting TWO Collies? Two? Both?

There are moments when I'm pretty sure we've lost our minds -- my husband's and mine, our collective minds.

When we were newly married -- AGES ago, people had barely been invented -- I told Dave he was a collie. This was a compliment. Kinda. What I meant was that he wasn't a labrador retriever -- the kind of dog who poops the Persian and you tell him no and swat his nose and, within seconds, he's tail-wagging and leg-humping once more.

No. Dave was a collie, meaning he was sensitive, easily all busted up, slinking with contrite pout and love in his heart -- a la a collie.

I'd never had a collie. I'd always had lab type dogs -- and dated lab type men.

We already have a doggie. Did I mention that? And a cat? And four kids? And a messy house? And a wild yard? And ...

I peek at this collie rescue site. I mention it to Dave. He says, "Are you crazy? Okay I'll look at the site."

The collies -- his kindred spirits.

We go out -- just to look. The collie rescuer has sad, abandoned brother collies -- found roadside in, like, 'bama.

Dave wants both.


We can't break them up. They're brothers. (This is sensitivity a la a collie.)

Okay, okay. Both.

And so that's how we have two collies we're adopting ...

And so that's why we will soon have a house buried in fur.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Raising an Old Soul

Today, my daughter -- now fifteen but in some ways really in her late twenties -- said, "You know how people say 'a child at heart'? I'm an adult at heart."

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Today over at Joshilyn Jackson's Blog ...

So New York Times bestselling author, the fabulous Joshilyn Jackson -- whose new novel Backseat Saints is getting mad pre-pub buzz -- had her blog overtaken by her own children ... They're interviewing me about The Ever Cure -- and they hit me with the toughest (and most deeply philosophical) questions I've been asked to date on this book... Kids -- you can't trust 'em!