Monday, January 18, 2010

Baby Says -- Back off my chapstick!

So Dave tells me the 2 year old is eating Chapstick. They're out at an older kid's soccer practice -- ever the demoted life of the youngest of 4 -- and he says to Dave, "I eating my Chapstick!"

Dave says, "Don't eat Chapstick, man."

He says, "I'm teeeeasing!"

Moments later, Dave looks over and sees that the 2 year old's teeth are coated in Chapstick.

I suggest, "Maybe he has a different definition of 'I'm teasing.' Maybe to him it means, 'Back off! Can't a man eat his Chapstick in peace?'"

I'm flash-backing -- as I say this -- to all the odd and foul things he's told me recently that he's "teeeasing" about.

I shudder.