Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Against Puppetry

"I collect lines and snippets of things somebody might say -- ... then characters begin to emerge." Richard Ford

So why do we keep trying to establish the whole person from the get-go? Why do we stuff them with sawdust and make them shuffle around, doing our bidding in the name of our plotted agenda? Why the wires and strings?

Even if you stuff your characters with candy just to string 'em up and beat them later until the candy rains down on your head ... it's not good. It's not right. It doesn't make them anymore alive just because you're now eating candy.

See. Let there be snippets. Let there be bits. Let there be a gesture. Let there be a childhood incident with a stray cat. Let there be a mother's gloves. Let there be something beneath the bed. Let there be a rotten beam in the house. Let there be a dead grandmother. Let there be too much eating of ham. Let there be knuckles. Let there be ...