Friday, July 3, 2009

Short Conversation

I say to the sitter, "The baby ate dog food yesterday. Why would a baby do that?"
My 13-year-old adds, "He also drank out of the dog's water bowl."
"You did?" I ask the baby.
"La!" the baby says, which means yes. "Bowl!"
"He's really got the whole thing down," my daughter says.
"He's consistent."The sitter, "It's cute, but it really has to stop.
"I look at the baby. "Do you hear that? It has to stop."
"La!" the baby says.
"You know it's not good to eat the dog's food, right?" my 13-year-old says.
"La!" the baby says.
"It's just not good for you," I say.
"Are you going to do it again?" the sitter asks him.